WAI The Silence?

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So, I kept teasing this rebranding of my new photography name from 137 Imaging to Victoria Wai for a month then I launched it around then due to numbers I decided that the 13th date of the 7th month was the best time to launch. However, after two blog posts and one portfolio release I then went into silent mode, even on my social media.

Why did this happen? I think this could be answered with a quote from Thomas A.Edison:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

This is definitely my situation right now. I wanted a sleek and minimalist website. It’s what I got and I fell in love with the logo that a friend designed but once the website went live and I got talking to more designers, it was noted that it still can be minimalistic but with a touch more! So, its back to the drawing board with that and the social media of Victoria Wai on the photography front is back on track…and once the website is 100%, Victoria Wai, take two is raring to go with a lot of content, as in the online state of silence, all has been busy with the photography and namely with the Great Exhibition Of The North in terms of the music, with me having attended three shows of Lauren Laverne’s Great Northern Soundtrack – Opening ceremony gig with Nightmares On Wax, Nadine Shah and Kathryn Tickell at Sage Gateshead

and then six Friday night experiments with Brighter Sound known as the Hexagon Experiment across six different venues. But like I said, more on those later.

So, believe me and this is from advice I have gained from many people I admire and most recently at the Brighter Sound events that, “failure is the key to success!” (Morihei Ueshiba), as if used wisely we can redirect ourselves and grow therefore gaining more opportunities to reacher that greater goal….or a better website with better content for the blog and visual platform.

Silence is not a weakness or a sign of things ave stopped. Silence is me working quietly to get the results. I don’t need to shout about it as if you bear with me the results will speak when they are ready.