Three’s A Charm

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‘V’s the magic letter!!!

Let’s Try This Again.

Three’s a charm, right?

So, I relaunched and rebranded my website last summer. I wasn’t sure what I was aiming for. I was throwing random ideas out there but was told I had to get it out there ASAP. I was told I had to focus on the photography I wanted to shoot for clients. Basically, I needed to make my passion for photography pay as this is what I want as a career. My main focus would be music and I would tie in portraiture and events. I also wanted to write for myself as what I was writing for others had people come up to me and say I really should be showcasing my words as well as photographs myself as they were getting lost amongst others and that shouldn’t be the case as I “have something.” I liked this idea and went with it but then my blog posts were far and few as then another blog came about and asked if I wanted to be a part of the team. I like being a part of a team so I went with it and then my website suffered.

One year and a few months later, the blog that I put a lot of heart and soul into wound down and I was at a lost. Those months when I should have been building up contacts of my own never happened to the scale I wanted and another blog that I am part of has changed its structure. Other photographer friends are cemented into other websites and we tend to go to similar gigs therefore there is not that much space for me as there’s no point in sending more than one photographer-writer. So, here I am trying this thing again but also with a bit of self-discovery!

I rebranded and relaunched over a year ago setting my mind on writing more and getting my head into more live shows. I also wanted to do behind-the-scene videos. I had my head in the clouds while draining energy out of myself and shooting for shooting-sake! I had to take a step back and refocus

At the start of 2019 I decided to sign up to a screen printing crash course. I did a little bit during my college years for my final art project. That was a long time ago and when I saw this course pop up I decided it would be great to refresh my knowledge and get more hands-on. I enjoyed it and the person that led the course was easy going. Hi to Nick of Incubate Printmaking. Then a few weeks later he held a course in cyanotypes. I started my love affair with photography with the black and white process. I loved the dark room. In my stressed out times or when I wanted to get away from it all at university I would spend hours in the dark room and this cyanotype class brought back those calm feelings of joy. I wasn’t splashing chemicals as such and the test strips were a bit different but it felt like I was in the darkroom again but with brighter lights. The instant joy I got making prints this way was a sure fire sign that I had neglected film photography and that I had to get back into it to find that first love of photography again.

After these two printmaking classes I then found a class in Polaroid Lifts. I always thought Polaroids were a bit of a fad. I never knew there was more you could do with Polaroids so when I saw this crash course I signed up out of curiosity and I am now obsessed with Polaroids. Thank you Jo Howell.

Thank you Nick and Jo for reigniting this part of picture making that has been missing for a lot of years. Seriously though if you want to experiment with printmaking/photography I highly recommend you click on the links and find a course from both Nick and Jo.

I still love taking photos of music related things but I missed the process of MAKING a picture, so in this third attempt I am no longer a photographer who occasionally writes and ‘makes’ videos but I am a 


who doesn’t just do photographs of live music events but also escapes with a camera and captures the world around us from concrete jungles to seascapes and big open fields that helps me create things.

So, if you are still reading this,

Welcome to the WORLD OF WAI where images of sorts will exist and the WORD OF WAI will bring you thoughts of things here and there but where you can still WALK ON THE WAI SIDE for my music musings.

Keep checking in but also have some patience while I get this stuff to you in a timely manner and while I still figure out the WAI AND WHAT I am creating.