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Who Am I? What Am I? Why Am I Wai?

Hello and welcome to the website of Victoria Wai. You will find many photographs here and even a blog that will be my own unedited words as well as my words as featured on other blogs but who am I and why am I doing this?

Subconsciously I have always had an interest in photography. My older sisters had photos of the Hollywood Brat Pack and images of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe up. I admired these images a lot. One of them also had Fleetwood Mac’s Tango In The Night album on cassette. I loved that album especially Seven Wonders and that cemented Stevie Nicks as my all-time favourite musician. I then went to my first ever concert in November 1994. It was of a British girl group called Eternal. I took my mother’s camera and four rolls of 110 film. My photos were not great but I got 5 decent photos. I showed my school friends and many joked, “you should be a photographer!” I never thought about this as I was setting my sights on becoming a set designer for the theatre. Musical theatre was where I wanted to be. I got my highest grade from Theatre Studies but I just couldn’t grasp it so I went onto college and studied photography and knew this was the direction I wanted to go.

I Am Not A Number!

Fast forward to getting my first job and moving 250 miles from home. I was amongst friends and colleagues of the photographic field and many of us had just left university. One conversation we had was ‘what would we name our photography business?’ Before I moved I remember serving a customer with the same name. She then claimed our name for her photography business. Our styles were and are different. I knew I couldn’t have the same name as her for my photography business. I mean I could but the confusion of doing so and redirecting to the other would take up time that could be avoided. After much thought I chose some numbers that meant something to me. The numbers were ‘137.’ My photography was to be known by the name 137 Imaging. It stuck for many years until now. But why now, you may ask especially as many I had come to know and worked with loved it. The answer to making the change though is simple – I no longer wanted to be a number and I wanted those seeing my work to get to see me for who I am and what I represent.

I Have A Name! 

My mother chose my English name as she says it represented a strong woman – she named me Victoria, after Queen Victoria. Being British Born Chinese though, I also had a Chinese name. All the girls – sisters and cousins – had the same first name and then another name – my parents chose Wai for me, which I am told, translates into ‘intelligent’ in simple terms!

So, this is me. I will still tag ‘137 Imaging’ here and there but you are now witnessing the work of Victoria Wai – photographer and blogger with the occasional video skills. I look forward to not only sharing my work with you but I also look forward to working with you in whatever capacity we can.

VW (2018)