2020 Vision

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It takes a lot to get back up after getting knocked down numerous of times or to keep going when there are many things on your mind.

I had the vision to start 2020 with a bang because it sounded great on a professional level but personally a lot of things were brewing in the background that I just worked and worked to deal with it and clouded over the things that was going to get VICTORIA WAI more out there than hiding behind other people’s blogs, which is what I have done since the rebranding. Why do you need to know this? You need to know this because I have been hiding behind social media ( Victoria__Wai on Twitter and Instagram and Victoria Wai Photography on Facebook) making it look busy and relevant because that is a huge part of marketing these days. In this day and age of being a sole trader with a host of responsibilities that include the upkeep of my equipment in order to have a successful shoot never mind the time and preparation beforehand. It is not a simple ‘pick up a camera and press the button and there’s the images.’  You need to think about the conditions you are shooting in from weather, time of day and how busy the location will be during the shoot. After this you download the images, convert them and tweak if necessary. Many people who do not do photography do not take this into account. The work doesn’t stop after you stop seeing them take the photo…it goes on. Because after the editing there is social media, marketing, outreach, networking, SEO, emails, blogs, balancing the books amongst many other stuff…and all this as a sole trader “living the dream.”

Many people see me as a photographer traveling from Newcastle to London and back and sometimes further afield and enjoying gigs (or events and studio/location work taking portraits) as I press the shutter.  They then see the results online and sometimes they click on LIKE and/or post a comment and it gives you some comfort BUT it is also hard when you need to think of one’s mental health. I have a love / hate relationship with social media but that is my outreach and there are times I need to step away so going ahead….

I want to keep sharing my work but for mental health wise, although people find it easy to live their lives on their phones, after the initial few enquiries done via Messenger ( Facebook and WhatsApp) and DM’s (Instagram and Twitter) I want to then take it solely to emails as threads are easier to follow. The other messaging services get messy and become “too chatty” which sway away from the initial job at hand and makes for a lot of unnecessary scrolling to find point number one.  For those that have read this far, thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you understand where this all plays into Mental Health whilst staying creative as at the moment, there is only an ‘I’ in this team.

I want to thank each and every one of you for all the support, kind words and belief in Victoria Wai and here’s to getting back to the vision of image making in both stills and video using both analogue and digital formats to be shared with and without words in two blogs with the occasional guest blog post with my fellow creatives. My two blogs are: 

• WALK ON THE WAI SIDE –  Music Reviews in Words & Pictures (with guest features)

• THE WORD OF WAI – Life in Visuals in Daily Life.

Let’s Do This!