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About Me


Who Am I? What Am I? Why Am I Wai?

Hello and welcome to the website of Victoria Wai. Please be aware the site is still work in progress and content is still being added. You will find many photographs here and even a blog that will my own unedited words and my words featured on other blogs but who am I and why am I doing this?

It all started at my first ever concert back in November 1994. It was a British girl group called Eternal. I took my mother’s camera and four rolls of 110 film. My photos were not great but I got 5 decent photos. I showed my school friends and many joked, “you should be a photographer!” I never thought about this as I was setting my sights on becoming a set designer for the theatre. Musical theatre was where I wanted to be. I got my highest grade from Theatre Studies but I just couldn’t grasp it so I went onto college and studied photography and knew this was the direction I wanted to go.


Why Work With Me


Victoria works primarily in the digital format but when given time film is used with the Zeiss Ikon Nettar (Medium Format) being a favoured choice. 

Victoria works mainly at live music events, which includes behind the scenes, however she is also known for her location portraiture, corporate events, travel and street photography. Her turnaround is quick and images are provided as digital downloads but if requested print work can be provided.

Through her years in music photography she has developed writing skills for local, national and international blogs and you will find her on social media helping to develop your brand too, hence a (personal) blog too.

Of her work, in music and documentary,  it has been noted that, “(She) makes music for the eyes” and that she is ninja-like, in that she is hardly noticed when on assignment therefore not spoiling the performance for both the music goer and the artists. This practice also applies to all the other photography she undertakes so why not WORK WITH HER?

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Music and Me.

I think my first real experience with music came with a cassette my Mum and I would play and sing together before bedtime — a cassette of Chinese bedtime sing-alongs.

Some Summer Festivals

Now the cold weather is well and truly on it’s way (North of the equator), I thought we would look back at the summer festivals I covered this year.

I Know What I Did THIS Summer (2/2)

I Know What I Did THIS summer (2/2) 2018 marks the centenary of the women vote in England and in October 2017 the ME TOO movement went viral on

I Know What I Did THIS Summer (1/2)

There’s the famous saying that, “it’s grim up North!” Well, if you had the Summer I had, it could not have been further from the truth, however before it even

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About My Work

Victoria works mainly with a DSLR due to many wanting a quick turnaround of images and at a cost effective way but a film camera is kept close by so she can indulge in her first love of photography.

It has been noted when she works in Music Photography that, “(She) makes music for the eyes” and that she is ninja-like, in that she is hardly noticed when on assignment which is what you need so not to spoil the performance for both the music goer and the artists or when documenting artists backstage, during soundcheck, in the studio or other such events like conferences.

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